Open Fit Hearing Aids (OTE)

The Over the ear, open fit hearing aids are a new generation of hearing enhancer, they are designed specifically to reduce “occlusion”, the feeling of having something pushed in your ear. Many hearing aid patients report that the most invasive side effect of a hearing aid is the feeling of blocked ears. This is caused because the ear mould has to fit snugly inside the ear, and is made exactly to the shape of the ear. However this type of hearing aid does not have a moulded earpiece so the problem is reduced.

A very delicate fine tube goes into the ear canal, and it is held in place with a soft acrylic tip with a large vent. It is this ventilation of air that prevents the patient from feeling that their ear canal is blocked. They have been designed to be very tiny, but some of them have an external speaker and that allows the part of the hearing aid behind the ear to be even smaller.

The OTE device is especially advantageous for the patients’ that are suffering from high frequency hearing loss.  Most of the sufferer’s of middle aged hearing loss have lost their ability to discern high frequency sounds. There are several other advantages; they adjust themselves automatically so the less dexterous can wear them without having to worry about miniature dials and controls.

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