Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids (CIC)

The closer the hearing aid and the receiver are to the eardrum the more efficient it is going to be, as nothing is lost in transmission. Completely in the ear hearing aids are the very newest technologically advanced hearing aid. They are gaining popularity rapidly because they cannot be detected; they can be removed from the ear with an extraction filament. They are the smallest type of hearing aid available, the circuitry is extremely sophisticated.

The real advantage of Completely in the Canal hearing aids is that they include a greater use of ear canal resonance, because of their position and this gives increased high frequency amplification. There are unfortunately disadvantages in some of this state of the art, cutting edge technology, not everyone can be fitted with a small, discreet hearing aid, and it does depend on the size and the shape of your ear canal. As a result of its very sophistication, circuit selection and power requirements the batteries have a very short life.

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